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How is it that on the same slip and fall claim, one expert opines the floor is safe for ambulation, and another states the floor is slippery and caused the fall? The answer is not so obvious, but the scenario is very common, creating liability when there may be none. Experts should be trusted, but at times, even they are unknowingly in the dark. Slips, trips, and falls account for over 25% of all injuries across all industries. Slip and fall litigation is second only to vehicle collisions, creating a high demand for experts in the slip and trip arena to provide attorneys and insurance companies with an efficient resolution for their clients. However, most approaches to this discipline will not stand up to the rigors of litigation. Different tribometers yield different COF values for a given surface, making it difficult for experts to know which standards and methodologies to follow.


Join us in winter 2024 to discover how to overcome conflicting and confusing standards, antiquated and poorly designed tools of the trade, and vested interests that have created our current battle-of-the-experts climate wherein opposing experts on the same case come up with opposite conclusions. 

This two-day comprehensive CFSE training and certificate program will provide unparalleled insight and training at a deeper level to your existing knowledge. It will provide tools to avoid junk science and ensure your work is wholly defensible.  This certificate program is designed for experts, claims professionals, attorneys, and judges and is offered by the National Institute of Forensic Studies, a provider of technical training for the legal, claims, and expert industry.

*The Atrium Hotel is located directly across the street from John Wayne Airport


  • Welcome and introduction 

  • History of Slip and Fall Analysis and Current Conditions

    • A New Approach to Friction Measurements

    • The Definition and Science of Tribometry

  • Human Factors, Slips, Trips, Missteps and Their Consequences

  • Physics in tribometry, the Good, Bad and Ugly

    • Tribometer Demonstrations and Comparisons

    • Case Studies

  • Building Codes for Safe Ambulation

  • Retail Safety Requirements, Standards and Practices

  • Flooring Systems Defined 

    • Why they Fail, Safety Design, Maintenance

  • Evolution of the Standards 

    • Historical development, current and withdrawn, which and when to apply

  • Biomechanics and Injury Causation in Slips and Falls

  • Understanding the Legal Strategy and Hurdles 


  • Chip Darius

  • Marc Firestone, PHD

  • David Hawkins, PhD

  • Brent Johnson, WACH

  • Hank Koffman, PE

  • John Madsen, Esq.

  • John Peterson, CSHM, WACH

  • Mark Ramos, WACH


Bill King, Director of the National Institute of Forensic Studies and CEO of Impact General, Inc.


Fred Johnson Ph.D., Mark Ramos, John Peterson 


To register for the program, please fill out the form below or download and email it to A member of our team will respond to confirm registration and provide payment instructions.


The cost to attend is $1,350 if paid by September 15, and $1,550 thereafter.

We look forward to seeing you at the Atrium Hotel in October!

*Prefer to download and email in? Just click the button below!

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